Covered: Chaiiwala – London

Chaiiwala has finally come to London and I went to check it out! Carry on reading to see what I thought.


The infamous Chaiiwala has finally come to London. Up until now Chaiiwala has been highly popular in the North. They have various different locations up north including Leicester, Bolton and Birmingham and now they have finally come to London. Judging by how busy it was when I visited – London has been waiting for it to arrive!

Getting there: Chaiiwalas in London is located in Walthamstow in East London. It is located a few minutes walk from Walthamstow Central Station on the Victoria Line. If you are looking to drive there, free parking may be tricky during the weekdays as most of the near by roads have residential parking only. Paid parking is available at the nearby Selbourne Walk Shopping Centre.

Menu: Here is a copy of their menu – short but sweet! Everything on the menu is halal.


Pricing: I personally found the pricing to be really good value for money. The portions are not large, they are more like small snack plates but the pricing definitely reflects that.

What I ordered: There are some really interesting things on the menu but as I went on a Sunday for brunch and ordered the Desi Breakfast, which comes with the Masala omelette, Masala beans, roti and of course Karak Chai! I really liked the way the food was presented – a real desi experience! The star of the Desi Breakfast was definitely the Karak Chai – so good I had to order another cup!

Final Thoughts: Chaiiwala has only just opened in Walthamstow and so was very busy when I went. If you don’t mind the rush and waiting a bit longer for your food then definitely check it out straight away. If not then don’t worry as I am sure Chaiiwala is here to stay and I have a feeling it won’t be the only one in London. I would definitely recommend checking out Chaiiwala – especially if you’re like me and have not been to any of the others before. Really cool concept and theme, good prices and great chaii!!!

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