Covered: Guanabana – London

Guanabana is a super food fruit originally grown in the Caribbean and Central America. Closer to home, Guanabana is a delicious Latin- Caribbean restaurant in Camden. Guanabana is definitely a favourite for my family – carry on reading to see why!

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Getting There: Guanabana is located on Kentish Town Road in Camden, Northwest London.  The nearest underground station is Camden Town on the Northern Line  and Camden Road on London Overground. There is paid parking near by if you want to drive there. Street parking close to the restaurant is free during evenings and weekend.

I personally like the vibe of the restaurant – it’s really laid back and chilled. The staff are really friendly and always initiate conversation – which I personally really like! I have seen some mixed reviews online about the service being hit and miss, but from my own personal experiences I have never had any negative experiences. There are a quite a few different seating places across the restaurant, including an outside seating area.


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Menu: The menu has a range of different dishes including steaks, brioche burgers and gourmet fajitas.  There are a couple of different options for menus including a brunch menu. To see more information on the different menus have a look at their website –

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Pricing: In my opinion the pricing is average, not too expensive but certainly not cheap. I personally prefer to pay a little bit more for better quality food, which is what I feel with the Guanabana menu.

What I ordered: I have been to Guanabana a few times and tried different things each time. Myself and my family have always enjoyed our food, regardless of what we ordered. On my most recent visit I went with some friends. It was one of those situations were you hope your friends like the food as much as you, especially after you have spoken about it so much 😛

We actually decided to order a few different appetizers and then a large main to share as from previous experiences I knew the main dishes were quite large and could be shared between the 3 of us. We ordered the ‘crispy calamari’ (£6.50), the ‘jerked crevettes’ (£7.30)  as appetizers and the ‘curry goat’ (£14.90) as the main meal.  We ordered some sides of ‘sweet potato fries’ (£4.50) and ‘homeslaw’ (£3.00). We also ordered some mocktails (£3.70 each) – including the Guanabana mojito – which was of course recommended by the staff as it contained the fruit guanabana. It has a unique and interesting taste, but worth trying if you’re looking to try something new! The meal came to £15.00 per person in the end, which I think is quite good for such a delicious and filling meal.


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All food on the menu is halal! There are also some great vegetarian options also. There is no alcohol on the menu, but people are free to bring their own if they want to.

Also just so you know they sometimes have different offers on, currently they have an offer for buy one get one free burgers on Wednesdays. It is always worth looking out for the offers!

Final Thoughts: I personally am a big fan of Guanabana and would highly recommend it! Every time I have been I have enjoyed my meal and have had great service. It can be a little pricey, but in my opinion is worth paying for.

I also just wanted to mention that Guanabana is a few doors away from Mamasons Dirty Ice Cream – an awesome Filipino ice cream and coffee house! Be sure to check it out if you have some room left after Guanabana for something sweet!

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