Covered: Afghan Kitchen – London

Last week I finally went to check out Afghan Kitchen. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to go to – I definitely won’t be taking that long to go again!

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I have gone past Afghan Kitchen in Angel, Islington so many times and have never managed to actually go in. I am so glad that last week I finally managed to actually go in. Afghan Kitchen is a lovely, little restaurant in Islington which serves traditional Afghan home cooking.

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Getting There: Afghan Kitchen is located in Angel in Islington at 35 Islington Green, London N1 8DU. The nearest station is Angel Station on the Northern Line and is only a few minutes walk from the restaurant. A number of popular bus routes also pass by the restaurant including the 56, 476 and 341 bus routes. If you are looking to drive there then there is paid parking available during the day at Angel Central. Otherwise there is free on street parking available in bays and side streets nearby on weekends and in the evenings.

Afghan Kitchen is a very small and highly popular restaurant. Not only is there a wait for eating in, but there is also a lengthy queue for take away as well. I would highly recommend making a booking before going. We had to wait for 45 minutes before a table became available. Although if you are not on a time crunch there is lots to see and explore near by whilst you wait for your table, which is what we did when we visited.

Although there is seating upstairs and downstairs it is a really small place and is always really busy so you may have to share tables with other dinners. It was really busy when we visited so had to share our table with others and it was difficult to take photos.

It is worth being aware that they are only open 12 noon to 3:30pm for lunch and then 5:30pm to 11:00pm for dinner in the evening. They are closed all day on Sunday and Monday. Also worth mentioning that they do not accept cards so you can only pay by cash. There are a number of free cash points near by.

All their food is halal but please be aware that alcohol is sold and served on the premises.

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Menu: The menu is very simple and there are only a handful of dishes to choose from. However you really can’t go wrong with what is on offer. They have a few different meat and vegetarian dishes which you can order on their own, with rice or with bread.  They also have a few sides including chutney, yogurt and pickles. They only have one dessert – baklava – which is honestly all you really  need after such a delicious meal.

Pricing: I personally found the pricing to be really affordable considering the generous portion sizes and quality of the dishes. My lamb dish, rice and drink cost me £12.00 altogether, which I personally think is a great price to pay for such a filling and delicious meal.

What I ordered: I decided to order the Qurma-e-Gosht – the lamb with potatoes (£7.50) and my friend ordered the Lavand-e-Murgh – Chicken in yoghurt (£7.50). We also ordered some rice (£3.50) and afghan bread (£3.50) to share. Both the meat dishes were absolutely delicious! So tender and so much flavour. The rice was plain white rice with butter and was really good. We personally didn’t enjoy the Afghan bread as it was really hard and not really easy to eat with our dishes. I am not sure if the bread is always like that or whether it was just that way when we happened to visit.



Final Thoughts: Afghan Kitchen has been a very popular place to eat in Angel for such a long time and I can see why. This place could easily be overlooked with its is simple and honest in its decor, menu and food but it really does serve great, authentic Afghani food and in my opinion is one of the best halal food options in the area. I would definitely recommend checking this place out 😀

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