Covered: Proper Burgers – London

There are so many great burger places in London but Proper Burgers in East London has got to be one of my favourites. Delicious, good quality… proper burgers 😀


Getting There: Proper Burgers is located on Lea Bridge Road in Leyton in East London. The nearest underground stations are Walthamstow Central Station (Victoria Line) and Leyton Station (Central Line). The nearest overground station is Leyton Midland Road Station (London Overground). A number of bus routes pass the restaurant including the 20, 56 and 230. Free parking during the day can be tricky to find if you are looking to drive there. There is a Tesco car park a few minutes walk away where you can park for free for up to 90 minutes. During the evenings (after 6:30pm)  and on weekends there is plenty of free on street parking around the restaurant.

From the outside the restaurant looks quite small but once inside there is quite a bit of seating. The decor is cool and unique and the atmosphere is great – really relaxed. There are a number of card and board games on hand if you’re looking to hang around and chill out. There is also a small area where you can pray your Salah – which is great Alhamdullilah 😀  Towards the back of the restaurant you get a view of the open kitchen and see the chef preparing your food.

IMG_4266  IMG_4267

It is worth mentioning they have quite specific opening times – Monday to Friday 6pm to 10 pm, Saturday 12pm to 11pm and on Sunday 12pm to 10:30pm. It can get very busy on the weekends so it would be best to book a table beforehand, especially if you are going with a large group of people.


Menu and pricing: The menu has a range of dishes that are always on the menu, as well as specials which are always being updated. The main menu has some great mains including burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs. There are also some delicious starters and sides including pulled beef nachos, chicken wings and sweet potato fries. There are also a number of different drinks including mocktails, milkshakes and freak shakes.

It is also worth mentioning that Proper Burger also have a great Iftar Menu to open fast during the month of Ramadan. All the food on the menu is Halal and is HMC certified. No alcohol is served on the menu. The pricing is a little expensive but the food is really good quality and totally worth it!


What I ordered: My favourite thing to order at Proper Burgers is the ‘Proper Burger’ – a delicious burger with a beef patty, cheese, salad and fried onions in a brioche bun. I personally order the 4 oz burger (£5.95) but you can also order the burger as an 8oz (£8.95). Every burger is either served with one or two 4oz meat patties depending on what size you want. I also ordered sides of sweet potato fries (£4.50) and properslaw (£2.75).











Final Thoughts: Burgers are very popular at the moment and there are loads burger places opening up around London. In my opinion Proper Burger is one of the best Halal gourment burger place in London. The burgers are simple, good quality and really delicious – would highly recommend checking it out 😀

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