Covered: Saffron Kitchen – London

Saffron Kitchen is a great Indian restaurant which is perfect for when you are going out with a large group of either friends or family. Carry on reading to see why I think so…


Getting There: Saffron Kitchen is located on 300 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, East London. The nearest station is Lea Bridge Overground Station and Leyton Midland Overground Station. A number of bus routes pass by the restaurant including the 48,55 and 56 bus. I would say the easiest way to get to the restaurant would be to drive there. The restaurant has a large car park around the back with plenty of parking.

The restaurant is decorated in a simple but beautiful style. I was unable to get any pictures of the actual restaurant when I last visited as it was really busy. The restaurant is very large and has  an open plan section as well as closed off sections and private rooms for different sized groups. These rooms typically need to be booked beforehand. I would recommend booking even if you don’t want a private room, especially if you are looking to go on Friday night or over the weekend as the restaurant can get really busy.  The restaurant can also be hired for private events and functions.

It is worth mentioning that Saffron Kitchen is not open during the day. They only open after 5 pm everyday and close at 11 pm everyday.

The meat at Saffron Kitchen is certified Halal by the Halal Monitoring Committee. Saffron Kitchen also has facilities for costumers to pray – which is great Alhamdullilah 😀

Menu and Pricing: Saffron Kitchen offers a mixture of fusion dishes and Indian street food. Their menu has a range of delicious starters, sides and mains, as well as drinks and desserts. They also have some great vegetarian options if you require it. So there should be something everyone in a large group would be happy to it. The prices are slightly expensive but you are paying for a place that has a great atmosphere, service and some delicious food. Like I mentioned above I think it’s a great place to come with a large group of people as they cater well for large numbers.

What I ordered: Every time we go to Saffron Kitchen we always order a few favourite starters including the Mixed Chaat Platter (£9.95), Chilli Paneer (£6.50) and Masala Chips  (£3.50).

IMG_4646Mixed Chaat Platter (£9.95)

IMG_4647Chilli Paneer (£6.50) and Masala Chips  (£3.50)

There are loads of different dishes to choose from the main menu including currys, stir frys and biryanis. On this occasion we ordered  Murgh Korma (£8.25), Chicken Chow Mein (£12.95) and a variety of different Tandoori Naans (£1.75- £2.95).

IMG_4649.JPGMurgh Korma (£8.25) and  Tandoori Naans (£1.75- £2.95)

IMG_4648Chicken Chow Mein (£12.95)

Saffron Kitchen also offer a great choice of getting a large jug of their mocktails which makes buying drinks when with a large group of people so much cheaper. Mocktails and milkshakes can be really expensive when bought individually so buying a jug for £8.50 as group is so much more affordable. A mocktail jug can typically give you about 5-6 glasses.

IMG_4645Strawberry Mojito Mocktail Jug (£8.50)

Saffron Kitchen also has some great dessert choices. My favourite has to be the chocolate samosa. Unfortunately I can’t remember the price of the dessert and couldn’t find the price online as at the time of writing this blog post Saffron Kitchen’s website was down but I would highly recommend it – it’s really delicious!

IMG_46502.jpgChocolate Samosa and Ice Cream – so good 😀

Final thoughts: As I said earlier I think Saffron Kitchen is a great Halal option in this part of East London, particularly for large groups. It is easy to access if you are in the area and has lots of parking onsite. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and service and has something for everyone to enjoy eating 😀

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