Covered: Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge – London



If you follow me on Instagram you already know I am a fan and frequent visitor of Epping Forest. Epping Forest is a huge woodland area in East London, which was formally a royal forest. A hidden bit of local history can also be found in Epping Forest… Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge.

IMG_5390Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is a Grade 2 listed former hunting lodge, on the edge of Epping Forest. In Tudor times Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I hunted in Epping Forest it. In 1543, Henry commissioned a building, known as Great Standing, from which to view the chase at Chingford. The building was renovated in 1589 for Queen Elizabeth I.  The building is now known as Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting and is open to the public. 

Getting There: The Hunting Lodge is located in Epping Forest in Chingford in East London on Rangers Road. The easiest way to get to the Hunting Lodge would be to drive, There are 2 car parks very close to the Hunting Lodge that are free to park in. The closest Overground Station is Chingford on London Overground. The station is a 10 minute walk from the location of the Hunting Lodge.

The Hunting Lodge is open Monday – Sunday  from 10:00am to 5:00pm and is totally free to visit. The Hunting Lodge has a number of lovely local volunteers who are happy to give tours and provide information. The Hunting Lodge is quite small but is a really interesting and authentic look into life in Tudor England. There are also a number of events that occur regularly at the Hunting Lodge.


Inside the Hunting Lodge 














IMG_4918Views of Epping Forest from Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge 

Next door to the Hunting Lodge there is also a great interactive Learning Centre called The View, which is also free to visit.

img_4923.jpgThe View Interactive Visitor Centre

Although the Hunting Lodge itself is small and can be explored in a short time there is lots more to see around the Hunting Lodge, including the visitor centre, picnic sites, a cute little cafeteria and of course the forest itself. The forest is a large area with different walking and cycling routes to explore.

I would recommend calling before visiting the Hunting Lodge as it can sometimes be closed for private events. For more information about the Hunting Lodge including accessibility check out their website –

Final Thoughts: Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is a unique and interesting piece of history which is totally free to visit. The Hunting Lodge sits on the edge of Epping Forest, which in its self is worth a visit. I would definitely recommend visiting the Hunting Lodge, particularly if you are in the area 😀

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