Covered: Umm Al Emarat Park – Abu Dhabi

When you think of Abu Dhabi you think of tall buildings and beaches but Abu Dhabi is also home to some beautiful parks. My favourite has got to be the Umm Al Emarat Park.


Umm Al Emarat Park is one of the oldest parks in Abu Dhabi and was opened in 1982. It was originally called Mushrif Park and only open to women and children. In recent years the park has been redeveloped and opened up to all. The park was set up to be sustainable and environmentally friendly and has an International Green Flag status. The Umm Al Emarat Park is home to an animal barn, botanic garden, shade house and amphitheatre. The park has lots of plants, green spaces, fountains and walkways. The park hosts a range of events and exhibitions including screenings, shows and food markets.


The park is open daily from 8:00am – 12:00am with the last entry at 11:00pm. The park costs 5 dirhams (around £1) to enter for those over 3 years old. It is free for under 3’s. After dark the park has a completely different vibe and is decorated with lots of lights so you can still continue to enjoy the park.

IMG_0013 (1)

IMG_0014 (2)

Getting There: The park is located in the Mushrif area of Abu Dhabi and very easy to find whether you are getting a taxi or driving there. The park has lots of free parking.

In my opinion the most exciting thing on offer at the park has got to be the Iftar cannon. Traditionally throughout the Islamic world cannon fire has been used to signify the end of the fast during the month of Ramadan. This tradition is still carried out in Abu Dhabi and one the locations where you can experience this live is within Umm Al Emarat Park. The task of firing the cannon is taken up by the support services from the military. Crowds gather safely behind the cannon and watch as the soldiers set off the canon to signify that the fast has opened.


You cannot take any food from outside into the park but the park is home to a range of different eateries including the infamous SALT. After watching the cannon fire, opening our fast and praying our Maghrib we made over to our booked table at SALT.

IMG_0010 (1)


Final Thoughts: Umm Al Emarat park is such a beautiful part of Abu Dhabi. During Ramadan it is home to one of the few Iftar canons in Abu Dhabi. The Iftar canon is such a unique and exciting way of opening your fast and one I would highly recommend checking out if you are in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan.



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