Covered: Bang Bang Foodhall – London

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall is home to London’s largest Asian Food Hall. Located in North London Bang Bang boasts over 30 traders selling all kinds of Asian food, snacks, drinks and desserts.


Getting There: The food hall is located in Colindale in North London. The full address is 399 Edgware Road, NW9 0AS. The nearest station is Colindale Station on the Northern Line. The food hall is about a ten minute walk from the station. If you are driving there then the Morrison store next door has 3 hours free parking for the food hall customers.

Design and Vibe: The food hall is designed to resemble a bustling, street food market. The food hall has 33 individual traders offering a mix of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Malaysian cuisines. The vendors line the sides of the hall and surround different seating areas that can accommodate around 400 people, as shown in the map below.

Map of different vendors
Seating Area


As well as the food hall there is also a bakery and a Chinese restaurant. Above the hall is a community space and studio where different workshops, classes and events are held. There is also a community garden and play area for children. Next door to the food hall is a large Asian supermarket.

The food hall is open Monday – Thursday (12:00pm – 9:30pm), Friday and Saturday (11:30am – 10:00pm) and Sunday (11:30am – 9:30pm). It can get quite busy and noisy on the weekends. I personally didn’t mind that as I felt it added to the street food market vibe.

Menu and Pricing: Unfortunately not all the stalls have full Halal menus. Some vendors are fully Halal and some have a partially Halal menu. There are also some vegetarian stalls. Be sure to ask the individual stalls before ordering to ensure the food is Halal as stall holders or suppliers can change.

Prices vary depending on where and what you order but I would say prices are aimed at a casual dining market. As I walked around most dishes I saw cost around £7 – £12 and snacks or starters at around £5. I would say an average meal costs around £20. Myself and my friend shared the starters and dessert and had a main and drink each. Our entire meal cost around £20.

We decided to walk around the entire food hall to help us decide what we wanted to eat. There were so many places to eat from so we ended up ordering from a few different places. We were given a buzzer from each place to let us know when our food was ready.


I am not going to go into detail about the specific places or dishes we ordered as we ordered such a variety of dishes from different places. I will however mention a few places that stood out as a Halal diner and I would recommend trying out.

The first place is ‘Coconut Tree’, which is a Malaysian vendor and was the only place with a HMC certificate.  It is one of the first stalls you see when you walk in.

Manila Kitchen is another place I would recommend. It sells Filipino cuisine and is where we got our dessert from. We decided to go for a traditional dessert called Halo Halo. which is a popular Filipino cold dessert with a concoction of various ingredients including crushed ice, evaporated milk and ube ice cream, sweetened beans, coconut strips, fruit jelly.

Halo Halo from Manila Kitchen

We ended our trip with some delicious bubble tea from ‘Tiger Hill’, which sells Taiwanese-style brown sugar fresh milk tea.

Tiger Hill Brown Sugar Bubble Tea

Final Thoughts: Bang Bang Food Hall is such an exciting and interesting place to visit. I love the vibe and food options and would highly recommend checking it out. For more information, including an up to date list of vendors and events check out their webiste –







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